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State of Jefferson is Dead on Arrival

We all know that many of those in the North State identify with the renaissance of the State of Jefferson movement.  It makes sense - Northern California has always felt left out of the political mix in Sacramento, we are much demographically different than our southern counterparts, and we are in a much different economic environment than most others in California currently enjoy.

While the original intentions of the State of Jefferson movement was to earn far Northern California the respect, funding, and recognition that we deserve, the current State of Jefferson movement is ironically achieving exactly the opposite.  

Over the coming months I will begin to delve deeply into why The State of Jefferson as currently proposed is a complete pipe dream.  I will then offer a solution that will help those of us in the "Jefferson" territory to get on a path of increased representation and collaboration with the rest of the state.

I will answer these specific questions:

  • Which funding sources the current State of Jefferson movement is choosing to ignore when they say the state plan is financially solvent.
  • How the County Board of Supervisors and municipal governments who are voting to secede or "sign a declaration" has no bearing on whether or not America decides to adopt Jefferson as its 51st state.
  • How real estate values, tourism counts, and other vital signs of economic development will be impacted by leaving our very valuable ties to the Californian economy.

It will take a while to work all of this out, and I only do it because it's fun.  The State of Jefferson is so politically impossible to accomplish, even thinking about it is a waste of time.